Student Showcase

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The Student Showcase is provided to share the work and accomplishments of Oxford Hills School District Students. We are proud to be able to share the work of our students from all schools in the district. These accomplishments stand out as exceptional contributions to the student's education career.

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Arabella Hodgkin

Agnes Gray Elementary School

Forces in motion balloon experiment

Students in kindergarten made balloon cars. Once they blew up the balloon they attached it to their car to see if it would roll across the gym floor. Arabella decided to leave hers attached to the car and blow it up before releasing it. It was the end of their Forces in Motion mini unit. Each child designed their own car with minimal help. They were learning that the air from the ballon pushed the car forward.

Merrill, Brooks Brown, Erwin

Agnes Gray Elementary School

Maine Mineral showcase

Ervin Brown and Brooks Merrill are checking out the minerals at the Maine Mineral Conference, which was held at Sunday River recently. The third graders are studing rocks and minerals in their classroom. This gave them a first hand look at many local minerals. Each student brought home rocks to check out in their classroom