Student Showcase

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The Student Showcase is provided to share the work and accomplishments of Oxford Hills School District Students. We are proud to be able to share the work of our students from all schools in the district. These accomplishments stand out as exceptional contributions to the student's education career.

Click the links above to show showcase items from a specific school.

James Estes

Hebron Station School

Hebron Station School students participated in a school wide activity, dissecting Owl pellets.  This was a culminating activity to complete our One Book, One School, One Community tradition. 

Hailey, Kayden, Griffyn

Oxford Elementary School

Ms. Nicholas' Class Presentations

Students from Ms. Nicholas' 4th Grade Class

Emily, Kohnor Kayden

Oxford Elementary School

Students from Ms. Nicholas' 4th Grade Class 

Matthew L.

Oxford Elementary School

My Monster by Matthew L. 

Lucy Ward

Harrison Elementary School

Circulatory and Immune System Presentation by Lucy Ward

Skyy/Jessica Worster/Cummings

Harrison Elementary School

Student drawn poster of the human circulatory system

Student partner poster illustrating and explaing parts of the Human Circulatory System-Grade 6.