Guy E. Rowe Elementary Mission Statement

Through a coordinated effort of students, staff, parents, and community members, we will educate our diverse population of children to be expressive individuals, collaborative thinkers, life-long learners, and productive citizens in a changing world.  Our high expectations for learning will be provided in a nurturing, safe environment through the use of organized, well-designed, effective, and informed instruction.  


The Oxford Hills School District will provide diverse, demanding and high quality educational opportunities within a safe environment to ensure all students value learning, achieve their individual potential, and become responsible citizens.

Students will acquire knowledge of and demonstrate essential skills in academics, artistic, and technical disciplines, problem solving, wellness and social interaction through a challenging individually oriented educational program.

Student Learning Outcomes

The District will support a curriculum that enables students to graduate, having demonstrated achievement of essential student learning outcomes. The outcomes, many of which will closely parallel those of the Maine State Learning Results Guiding Principles, will be in the following areas:




-Career Preparation-Fine Arts

-Foreign Language

-Health and Physical Education

-Language Arts

-Literacy Skills



-Social Studies

-Specialized Technical Skills


-Collaborative Skills

-Communication Skills



-Respect for Human Differences




-Work Ethic

Problem Solving

-Critical and Creative Thinking


-Independent and Collaborative

Decision Making Skills

-Research Skills





adopted by Oxford Hills

School District Board of

Directors January 27, 1997