Last May, our 5th Grade students (now 6th Graders) planned and hosted a school dance and games night.  The proceeds from this dance ($365) was presented to Responsible Pet Care, in So. Paris on Wed. Sept. 13th. The staff at Responsible Pet Care took our group picture before our donations presentation.  


(Left to Right) Mrs.O'Kane, Delia Macdonald, Reese Grant, Brynn Bean, River White- Rainey, Alexandra Snow, Ciara Rice and Mr. Hart 


It's rewarding to be involved with a caring and community minded group of students at Rowe Elementary School. :) 


March Events
March 11 - First Day of 2018 MEA/eMPowerME Assessments
March 14 - Second Trimester Parent/Student/Teacher Conference Day
March 15 - District Teachers’ Workshop Day-No School for Students
March 20 - Ms. Medici’s 5th Grade classroom at Robert’s Farm  
March 30 - Second Trimester Student Awards Assemblies
    * Early-Release Wednesdays:  The SAD 17 Board of Directors approved to eliminate Early-Release Wednesdays through the remainder of the school year.  The Board of Directors approval will enable a make up of three school days from the total snow days. It also will restore Wednesdays to a ‘regular’ school day, meaning school dismissal time will be 3:05 PM, starting on Wednesday, February 6     
* Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 MEA/eMPowerME Assessment:  All SAD 17 schools are prepping for the administration of MEA/eMPowerME Assessment. Our Grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 students will take the MEA/eMPowerME beginning on Monday, March 11th through to Friday, April 12, 2019. Our Pre-K to Grade 6 students, classroom teachers, and support staff have worked diligently to prep for our Grades 3, 4 5 and 6 students for the Spring 2019 MEAs. In February, we send home a Grades 3-6 parental letter and MEA/eMPowerME Assessment schedule. Contact the main office, by phone or email, if you wish to obtain a MEA/eMPowerME Assessment schedule.   

* A reminder: Winter Dress for Recess:
Our Dr. Recess Team, a committee of parents and classroom teachers, meet every other month to discuss and create safe and fun recess expectations and activities. The Dr. Recess Team reminds our students and parents - in our school’s Rowe Elementary Student/Parent Handbook, specifically noted in Playground Expectations and Snow Season sections, outlined is student winter wear for outside recess.
* During our winter/snow season, students in Grades Pre-K to 4 are required to wear heavy coats with hoods or a winter cap, snow pants, mittens/gloves and snow boots especially if playing on the playground, playground’s ball field and/or on snow banks.  
* Students in Grades 5 & 6 are minimally required to wear a hooded sweatshirt or jacket and winter boots for ‘snow mountains’ and on the field/playground recess activities. Students not properly dressed are subject to wet clothing and/or cold exposure at outside recess.  If a student forgets to bring to school outside winter clothing, some winter clothing items are available from our school counselor and the main office.

School Dismissal Procedures:
We implemented new school dismissal procedures on Monday, October 1.  There are two designated areas: gates on each side of the flagpole and the kindergarten playground as student pickup & sign out areas, at Main Street entrance.  One designated area: the cafeteria as the student pickup & sign out area, at the Bus Loop/Parking Lot entrance.
Parents/guardians are to sign their name on a teacher’s school dismissal form to document their child is with the appropriate parent/adult. An ID may be required if the parent/guardian is unknown to the dismissal teacher.
If another adult is going to pick up a child, a note has to be sent from the parent of the change. The new adult will have to show an ID.  If there is no ID, the child will not be dismissed.
Please call with notice of changes before 2:30 PM.
There will be no early student dismissals after 2:50 PM, unless it’s an emergency.
STUDENT WALKERS: Parents are required to put in writing the dates and location where their child is walking to after school.  Student walker requests need to be forwarded to and filed with the principal’s office.
We ask for your continued patience as we work with our new school dismissal procedures.  Extra staff will assist with student dismissal areas.  Please direct questions to your child’s teacher or to Mr. Hart, Principal. Safety and accountability of all Rowe Elementary students is our top priority.




  • No student is to arrive at school until 8:30AM. (hardship case contact Mr, Hart to make arrangements)
  • Please do not dismiss your child before 3:05 unless they have an appointment.
  • Students are not allowed to use cell phones in school during school hours. Student cell phones will be stored in a safe place in their teacher's classroom.
  • Students are not permitted to wear hoods or hats in the school building, with the exception of Student/Staff Theme days.
  • Students are not to bring soda, coffee or fruit punch drinks to school.  As a 5-2-1-0 health school, we ask for your assistance.  Please send water to school with your child, as it is the healthiest option.



Special Notes: If a volunteer is in school only one time, for example to chaperone a field trip he/she does not need to have a criminal background check.  All volunteers are to sign in the office and receive a visitor’s pass and sign out when finished for the school day.
Daniel O. Hart, Principal






School-wide Goals  - Rowe Elementary

District-wide Goals:
> Math:
95% of K-6 teachers will participate in PD sessions and report the ways in which they have shifted their practice in a brief survey mid-year and at the end of the year.
100% of K-6 teachers will collect student work samples and enter data into a district database for summative assessments.

> Reading:
75% of K-6 students who take the Teachers College Assessment will meet proficiency levels for their grade level.  (Currently 68% meet)

> Behavior:
98% of PreK-6 teachers will name a minimum of 3 new strategies that they have implemented to manage student behavior over the course of FY 17-18, rating the impact each had on the targeted behavior.

> New Teachers:
100% of new teachers will engage in professional development that provides the core expectations of the district for curriculum and teaching standards, as well as supports the needs of new staff.
75% of new teachers will rate the support they received as effective.

Goals Specific to Rowe:
> Writing:
80% of students will make 1 year’s growth and/or meet the grade level benchmark in writing.

> Data Collection, including Special Education:
100% of teachers will collect student reading and writing data on ALL students who participate in some form of state testing, and input the data into the profile sheets. Reading data is collected each trimester. Writing data is collected in the fall and in the spring.

> Working Together to Support our Students:  (Accountability Report)
100% of grade level intervention meetings will be held each trimester
85% of teachers will participate in a peer visit and report on the learning they gained

                                                         Dates and events are subject to change!