Student/Parent Handbook

2019/2020 Student Handbook

Guy E. Rowe Elementary School

Student / Parent Handbook

2019 – 2020




Through a coordinated effort of students, staff, parents, and community members, we will educate our diverse population of children to be expressive individual and collaborative thinkers, life-long learners,and productive citizens in a changing world. Our high expectations for learning will be provided in a nurturing, safe environment through the use of organized, well-designed, effective, and informed instruction.


Table of Contents

Guy E. Rowe Elementary School Mission Statement


Welcome Letter


Guy E. Rowe Elementary School Staff


Oxford Hills School District Mission


Schedule, Arrivals, Late Arrivals, Early Dismissal


End of Day Pick-ups, Student Absences


Family Trips, Visiting the School, Medications


Injuries/Illness, Insurance, Report Cards, Progress Reports, Conferences,

School Cancellations


PTO, School Volunteers, School Website, Field Trips, Student Safety,



Lockdowns, Ethical & Responsible Behavior, Discipline


Harassment, Pillars of Character, Student Dress Code


Cell Phone Use, Code of Conduct


Homework, Special Education Services, Lost and Found, Library


Photos, School Counselor, Requests for Placement, Breakfast/Lunch/Milk


Bus Expectations, Bus Discipline


Walking School Bus, Playground Expectations


Snow Season, In District Transfer, Pest Control


Pesticide Use, Your Right to Know


Notification for Pesticide


Handbook Acknowledgement Form



August, 2019


Dear Guy E. Rowe Elementary School Parents:

Welcome to the 2019-20120 school year at the Guy E. Rowe Elementary School.  This will be an exciting year at the Rowe School with several new teachers and a new principal.  Fortunately, we have retained a strong, dedicated core of teachers and staff. In addition, we have the continued support of committed parents and community partners.


Parents, community members, and teachers appreciate the supportive, positive climate at our school and the efforts we make to serve all our students well.  Our school is deeply connected with the Town of Norway and many partners in our community. There are many parents and community members who attended Rowe and remember it fondly.  If you and your family are new to our school, we welcome you and hope you will become active in our community. 


Our focus this year will be on building the professional community of educators at our school so that they can support all our students as learners and people.  We hold to our core values of respect, responsibility, and safety. We will continue to grow our academic program, improve our supports for students who struggle with academics and behaviors, and enrich the learning lives for all our students. We pledge to continue to promote the positive climate at Rowe.  Whenever possible learning should be joyful. We hope that our staff and our students will develop a better understanding of their strengths and use those strengths to learn and grow.  


We invite our families and community members to join us on this school year’s journey.  




Mr. Douglas

Douglas Kilmister, Principal Jamey Martin, Assistant Principal



Members of the Guy E. Rowe Staff - 2019-2020

Office Personnel

Douglas Kilmister, Principal

Jamey Martin, Asst. Principal

Patricia Prange, Secretary

Bonnie Cameron, Secretary



Officer Mitch Shaw


School Counselor

Michelle O’Kane

Social Worker

Meliss Brennan


Nursing Services

Heidi Darling, RN



Jennifer Cousins

Doreen Haley



Lisa Cooper

Shannon Penfold

Loretta Plummer

Kendra Threeton


First Grade

Kallie Brown

Margaret Goss

Holly Hill


Second Grade

Kelli Knapp

Charity Manjourides

Claudette Pierce


Third Grade

Amy Allen 

Tiffany Colby

Autumn Hopkins

Fourth Grade

Jennifer Perry

Crystal Strout

Marsha Wood

Fifth Grade

Jared Duggan

Emma Holden

Robin Williams


Sixth Grade

Katherine Bonawitz

Dana Dudley

Carisa Hammer


Special Education

Genevieve Chaloult

Crystal Cochran

Erika Gilbert

Lisa Maxim

Jennifer McAlister

Gretchen Poland


Meredith Falso


Krystle VanHise

Sharon Phinney


Susan Allen



Tony Orlando

Leigh-Ashley Milne (strings)

Rachel Potter (instrumental)


Physical Education

Nick Morris

Literacy Coach

Mary Buzzard


Title 1 Literacy

Lucy Saunders-Kish

Katrina Soucy

Math Intervention/Coach

Tracy Morin


Savannah Sessions


Andrea AskenDunn

Ed Tech 1’s

Chris Colello

Diane Crocker

Shauna Cummings

Patti Curran

Holly Davis

Stacy Freeman

Faye Hill

Patty Labbe

Holli Pullen

Mike Small

Tyler Tinsley

Nicole Vladyka

Ed Tech 2’s

Cathy Hoy

Joanne Steeves

Jason Wallace


Ed Tech 3’s

Stephenie Michaud    

Peggy Mowery

Devan Truman


John Lavertu 

Mark Carnello

Tami Huntley

Michelle Mack

Food Service

Brandi Farrar, Manager

Susan Kimball

Betina Licata






The Oxford Hills School District will provide diverse, demanding and high quality educational opportunities within a safe environment to ensure all students value learning, achieve their individual potential, and become responsible citizens.

Students will acquire knowledge of and demonstrate essential skills in academics, artistic, and technical disciplines, problem solving, wellness and social interaction through a challenging individually oriented educational program.

Student Learning Outcomes

The District will support a curriculum that enables students to graduate having demonstrated achievement of essential student learning outcomes. The outcomes, many of which will closely parallel those of the Maine State Learning Results Guiding Principles, will be in the following areas:



-Career Preparation-Fine Arts

-Foreign Language

-Health and Physical Education

-Language Arts

-Literacy Skills



-Social Studies

-Specialized Technical Skills


-Collaborative Skills

-Communication Skills 



-Respect for Human Differences 




-Work Ethic

Problem Solving

-Critical and Creative Thinking


-Independent and Collaborative

Decision Making Skills

-Research Skills

adopted by Oxford Hills 

School District Board of 

Directors January 27, 1997



Day to Day


Schedule: Our instructional day begins at 8:45 AM and ends at 3:05 PM.   

Our staff/teacher “start of school day” supervision commences at 8:30 AM, when the first bus arrives. Students are not to arrive to school before 8:30 AM.

All students should cross either the large parking lot and/or the main street designated supervised crosswalk.  All Pre-K to Grade 6 students will have breakfast in their respective classrooms between 8:35 AM and 8:50 AM. 

Lunch and Recess Schedule is as follows:











11:30 - 12:00

12:45 - 1:15


1:00  - 1:30

11:40 - 12:00 


1:00 - 1:30

11:20 - 11:40 


10:25 - 10:55

12:10 - 12:30


10:55 - 11:25

12:30- 12:50


10:25 - 10:55

12:00 - 12:20


12:05 - 12:35

11:00 - 11:30

Day Trtmt





We ask that parents dropping off or picking up students not use the bus loading zone. We request that children be dropped off on the school side of Main Street rather than in the bus-loading zone. The school’s main parking lot and School Street are very busy immediately before and after school. Picking up or delivering students on the school side of Main Street will be easier and safer for you and your child(ren).

Late arrivals

Any child arriving after the start of school should be dropped off in the parking lot entrance to the building and must check in at the office before going to class. We will assure that the appropriate attendance is recorded and that any necessary lunch arrangements are made.

Early Dismissal

We understand that there will be times when you may need to dismiss your child(ren) early. To maximize student learning time, we do ask that early dismissals be limited.  If this situation arises, please send a note on that day or call the office so we can make special dismissal arrangements. Another way you can help your child’s teacher end the day without interruption is not visiting the classroom at this time.

The end of the day is a very busy time for everyone. Teachers are making sure children are prepared to leave and board their correct bus. Children are gathering their belongings and listening to final instructions. Students who are regularly dismissed early to “beat the buses” or “head out early” miss this important time of the day. It is disruptive to them and their class. Please allow your child to remain in the classroom until the end of the day unless there is a valid appointment or emergency.

End of day Pick-ups

To keep our students safe and reduce confusion in the foyer at dismissal time, the doors will remain locked and we will follow the procedure below:

  • We request that parents remain outside, along the benches.   

  • If you know that you will be picking your child(ren) up at the end of the school day, please send in a note with your child(ren)in the morning and specify pickup location, bus side or Main St.

  • If you find out later in the day that you need to pick up your student, please call by 2:25 pm so the student and teacher can be informed.

  • All people waiting for students will be asked to wait outside. Your child(ren) will meet you there.

Student Absences

In accordance with the Guy E. Rowe and SAD #17 attendance policies, parents of all elementary school children are asked to call the Guy E. Rowe School if a child will be absent or late for school. Please call the school at 743-5183 after 7:30AM to report an absence or late arrival. Each day our district automated School Messenger system will call those parents who have not called the school to report student absences.

Parents are asked to call the school nurse if a contagious disease or other medical problem has been diagnosed or discovered. Certain medical problems may require that a child be treated at home and be checked at the clinic upon return. Every effort will be made to work with parents in solving student health problems.

If your child will be out of school for an extended length of time, please call the school and inform the office and teacher of the reason for absence. If your child arrives late or plans to leave school early, please send a note to that effect. If someone other than a parent is picking up a child or transportation arrangements change, the child needs to have a note.

Every student returning to school following an absence must bring a note from a parent, guardian or doctor.

Excused absences by Maine law are the following:

  • Personal illness

  • An appointment with a health professional that is unable to be scheduled at another time.

  • Observance of recognized religious holidays

  • A family emergency

  • A planned absence for personal or educational purposes with prior approval.

  • The State of Maine has recently approved new legislation that ties in truancy with Child Abuse and Neglect. The new law states that “at the elementary level if the child has the equivalent of 7 full days of unexcused absences or 5 consecutive school days of unexcused absences during a school year, the student is considered truant. If a student falls under these conditions, the principal shall inform the Superintendent and attempt to correct the problem.  If it is not resolved, the Superintendent/designee shall try other initiatives listed in the policy to get the student in school. If these attempts fail, the school may notify local law enforcement authorities and the Department of Health and Human Services of a violation of the habitual truancy state statutes as provided by 20-A.M.R.S.A. #5051 – A“

Family Trips

We encourage families traveling for an extended period of time to do so during the scheduled vacations. Nevertheless, we recognize the educational value of some travel for children; lost instructional time, however, is difficult to make up. Since class work involves direct instructional time, guided practice and written homework, it is our practice to provide no additional work beforehand, but to follow up with the student upon his/her return. Family trips would be considered unexcused unless prior approval is sought, in writing, and made with the school administration. Student’s teachers will be next notified and in some cases, the student will be expected to participate in the development of a written or photo journal of family trip sites and share it with his/her teacher and classmates upon his/her return to school.

Visiting the School

We want parents to feel welcome here at all times, but we also want to preserve a safe, secure learning environment. There is a security system at the front door. When you visit the school, please follow the directions outlined on the door. Please be aware that the doors to the school are locked at all times. When you sign in at the office, we will give you a visitor’s badge to wear during your visit. As you leave, please remember to sign out.



Health Information



No school staff member can give medication, including aspirin, to any student unless authorized by a physician or dentist. When it is necessary for a student to take medication during school hours, the school will cooperate with the family physician and the parents. Accordingly, parents are to submit a written order from the family physician stating name, frequency and dosage of the prescribed medication. If you prefer, bring the prescription bottle on the first day and we will copy the prescription. A note from a parent or guardian authorizing the dispensing of medication is also needed. This may be an inconvenience to you; however, it is necessary to insure the safe and proper dispensing of medication. If you have any questions, please call the school nurse at 743-5183. The nurse is available to consult with parents and teachers about student health matters. The nurse also conducts periodic screenings for hearing and vision acuity.

No medication should ever be brought to school by a student. To do so is a violation of school board policy and is considered a chemical abuse violation. Parents or guardians bring medication directly to the nurse in its original container. Cough drops must be dropped off to the nurse with the student’s name on the package.

Good health habits are encouraged and supported by school personnel. Students may bring a toothbrush and toothpaste to school for after-lunch brushing.


Any accident, injury or illness should be reported to a teacher. Ice, soap and water, Band-Aids, and rest are our routine first aid. If your child is ill or injured at school we will make every effort to contact you so you can make arrangements for appropriate care. Until this has been accomplished we will provide care in the clinic. The most important thing you can do to assist us in providing appropriate care is to provide us with up-to-date telephone numbers for home, work and for alternate people who can care for your child if you can’t be reached.


We encourage all parents to have insurance. The opportunity to purchase school accident insurance is offered at the beginning of the school year. Insurance is strictly voluntary. In the event of an injury, the school will assist in completing the forms.

Please send completed forms directly to the Commercial Travelers Agency; Do not return them to school.


Home/School Communication


Report Cards, Progress Reports, Conferences

Good communication between home and school creates a positive and supportive environment for children, enabling children to learn and grow. We want there to be an open line between home and school at all times.

Progress reports are given the first and second trimesters at Parent/student/teacher conferences scheduled by the school (or sent home for those who do not attend) in October and April. Parents should feel free to call or visit the school whenever a question or concern arises. Standards-based report cards will be sent home at the end of each trimester.

Rowe Elementary schedules student-parent-teacher conferences twice a year.  We have embraced the model of students presenting their work and discussing their progress in class with parents and teachers. It is a true opportunity for the students to take ownership for their own learning and be able to share this with parents/guardians. Please keep the line of communication open between home and school to ensure your child’s success.

School Cancellations

Our School District has incorporated an automated School Messenger system. When school is delayed, cancelled or released early due to weather or unforeseen problems, our school messenger system will call all of the guardian contacts listed for your child to notify you. In addition to the phone call, the local radio and TV stations will broadcast announcements, as well as our district website ( We recommend families have an emergency dismissal plan in place and discuss it with children.

Parent/Teacher Organization

The Rowe PTO is a group whose purpose is to provide support for the school. It serves as a link between the school and the community. It occasionally assists in fundraising for special school projects. Anyone - parents, grandparents, friends of the school, may join! The PTO meets regularly on a monthly basis. Please contact the school to find out when the next meeting is scheduled. You can also find it on our school web page, along with a monthly calendar and principal’s newsletter.

School Volunteers

Parents or friends wishing to volunteer their time to the school in some capacity are welcomed wholeheartedly. Volunteers may serve in many ways: in the classroom; working outside the classroom with an individual or small group of students; helping at home by preparing special art projects or games used in the classroom; presenting a special talent or craft, job or travel experience to a class; assisting on field trips, or special music or drama presentations; and many more ways! Please call your child’s teacher or the school principal if you wish to be a volunteer. Any amount of your time is welcomed.  Be mindful that in our continued effort to keep our students safe, we do carefully screen and check backgrounds on all volunteers.

School Website

We endeavor to keep parents informed of current school activities through our school website.We welcome your input regarding items of interest to the school community. Please visit our school website at, then click on Guy E. Rowe Elementary School. 

Field Trips

Parents will be notified in advance when the class is going on an out-of-district field trip. Parents who wish for their child to participate must sign a permission slip. This is done so that you know where your child is in case of a family emergency.


School Safety


Student Safety

Student safety is an important issue at Guy E. Rowe School. After students’ arrival we lock the doors to our school and ask parents to use the entrance by the parking lot. Parents are also reminded to sign in and get a pass from the office before proceeding into the school building.


Unfortunately there have been incidents of bomb threats and other threatening situations involving public and private schools. Guy E. Rowe Elementary School has a crisis protocol in place in the event that such actions were ever to occur here. We assure you that we will deal with any such incidents quickly and with the utmost safety of our students and staff in mind. In some cases this may necessitate going into what we call Lockdown. This protocol shuts the school down, locks all outside and inside doors, and keeps students secured in their rooms. It is only done in extreme emergencies and with local police personnel and the superintendent notified and involved. It is a protocol we practice but hope we never need to use.

School Lockdown

Maine State Law requires that every Maine school practice two school lockdown drills during the school year.  In the event of a school lockdown, parents will not have access to the Rowe Elementary School campus. In the event a school emergency, notification of procedures will be communicated through SAD 17 Central Office and by School Messenger.


Student Management


Ethical and Responsible Behavior (please also see the Oxford Hills School District Handbook Policies and Regulations)

Responsibilities come with the opportunity to learn. All students will contribute to a safe, non-threatening environment, which allows learning to occur. Students are responsible for their behavior and subject to consequences for unacceptable behaviors.

Our school behavior expectations are:

  1. Be safe

  2. Be respectful

  3. Be responsible

Our school has adopted behavioral and safety expectations for all students, especially in public settings - the bathroom, the hallway, the cafeteria and during recess.  These procedures reflect our school climate expectations of students being safe, respectful, and responsible.

School Discipline

The purpose of discipline is to support students in the development of self-control and assist in changing behaviors that are considered inappropriate. Discipline procedures are designed to help a child recognize choices and take responsibility for his/her decisions.

Good discipline is positive rather than negative in nature. It is fair and dignified. School is a place for learning academic skills and how to work and get along with others.

Respect for others is the basis for all relationships within the school. Children are responsible for their actions. They are expected to control their behavior so that learning can take place. If a child’s behavior is inappropriate, he/she will be required to follow the directions of the adult in charge.

Parent involvement is essential for effective discipline. Social education as Restorative Practice and Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS) enhances a positive school climate, and a partnership between the school and parents. Parents are expected to be supportive partners in both the academic and social education of students.

If there is a pattern of inappropriate or severe misbehavior by a student, there may be a meeting with parents, the student, his/her teacher, the school counselor, and a school administrator to develop a student behavior plan. The plan will include school behavior expectations and consequences.

Generally parents are notified when a student is referred to the building administrator for interfering with the physical or emotional safety of him/herself or others or interfering with the learning of others.


Student to Student Harassment

Harassment can be verbal, written, graphic, or physical conduct relating to an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin/ethnicity, physical attributes or disability, parental or marital status, sexual orientation, or age. Also, harassment includes any repeated pattern of remarks of a demeaning or condescending nature or repeated demeaning jokes, stories, or activities directed at the individual.


Sexual Harassment: 

Sexual harassment may include unwelcome sexual advances, direct or indirect demands or requests for sexual favors, or other inappropriate verbal, written, graphic or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

The Oxford Hills School District will not tolerate acts of violence towards persons or property, bullying or harassment of any kind, destruction of property, substance abuse or distribution, or carrying and or the use of weapons.

Pillars of Character

These pillars of character support successful learning and create a positive school community. Teachers constantly stress the importance of these character traits. You can help us by discussing these character traits with your child.














Student Dress Code

Research indicates that when we look good, we have positive attitudes about ourselves and our work.  We encourage students to come to school dressed to learn.

We expect all students to wear clothing that appropriately covers them. Shirts should cover the majority of the shoulders and upper body. Exposure of the midriff section of the body is unacceptable. Any see through materials are not acceptable. Hats and clothing with rude or inappropriate language, symbols, or connotation are not allowed. Slogans and logos that advertise or promote alcohol, tobacco, or other adult material are also not permitted at school. We ask students and parents or other guests to the school to reserve hats for outdoor wear and to take them off while inside the building.

Clothing that presents a safety concern is not permitted. We consider oversized clothing, shoes with wheels built in and high-heeled shoes as not safe attire for school. We ask that you send your child to school with sneakers or other shoes that protect the toes. Please do not send children to school with clothing that ‘talks’ or plays music!

In the winter, children should dress for the weather. Hats, mittens, boots, and snow pants help make outside play more fun. Please put your child’s name inside clothing. We donate lots of ‘lost’ clothing and footwear to Goodwill each year when it is not reunited with its owner.

We will work with parents, students, and staff to help determine and follow Dress Code guidelines.

Cell phone Use

School district policy JICJStudent Use of Telecommunication Devices prohibits the use of electronic paging devices, cellular telephones, or other devices that disrupt the educational environment.  All devices must be kept off and out of sight during the regular school day. We also are concerned about elementary students losing these devices.

Student Code of Conduct (please also see the Oxford Hills School District Handbook Policies and Regulations)

The Board of Directors has policies on student conduct. Drugs/alcohol/tobacco use, weapons, violence, or harassment of others undermine a safe school environment. Students may be suspended from school for the offenses listed below:

  • Carrying or using dangerous weapons against an individual or property;

  • Writing profane or obscene language, or making obscene pictures or characters, on school premises or in school books;

  • Forging notes or excuses;

  • Willfully causing injury to other students or their property

  • Continued use of profane or indecent language on or about the school premises;

  • Impertinent language or conduct toward teachers;

  • Possession, use, or showing the effects of drugs or alcohol or substances they believe, or purport to be such, or knowingly being present when these substances are being used on or about school property or during school sponsored activities;

  • Use or possession of tobacco in any form on or about the school premises, except as specifically permitted by the Board;

  • Willfully damaging or defacing school property;

  • Leaving school grounds without permission; and

  • Other serious offenses determined by the administration. 

If a student is suspended, in-school or out-of-school the principal or assistant contacts parents or guardians by phone as soon as possible.


Other School Information



Homework is intended to provide additional practice and reinforcement of skills taught during the day. The district policy, which affirms the importance of homework to academic and social progress, provides recommended time constraints for homework expectations. The building procedure provides specific homework expectations per grade level as well as procedures when these expectations are not met.

The following are the homework expectations per grade level and are based on the average student:

Grades K-2 read to or with parent (s) a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes

Grades 1-2 Twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes per night for all subjects

Grades 3-4 Thirty (30) to sixty (60) minutes per night for all subjects

Grades 5-6 Sixty (60) to ninety (90) minutes per night for all subjects

Special Education Services and the Individual Education Program (IEP)

(please also see the Oxford Hills School District Handbook Policies and Regulations)

The IEP Team at each school consists of a classroom teacher, a special educator, an administrator, and the parents of a child referred for special services. The purpose of the team is to determine if a “handicapping condition” exists for a student, and to provide a special plan for meeting the needs of the child. Students are referred to the IEP if screening tests indicate a problem, or if a parent, teacher, or other professional in contact with the child feels special services are needed.

Lost and Found

Every year we dispose of thousands of dollars of lost clothing. These articles range from mittens and hats to expensive parkas. Please help us help you prevent this expense by labeling all clothing. Lost and found items are displayed on a hanging rack in the front entrance/lobby.


Library (please also see the Oxford Hills School District Handbook Policies and Regulations)

The school library is available for all students. Students are encouraged to sign out books for their home reading. There are no fines for overdue books, but if your child loses or damages a book beyond repair you will be billed the replacement cost. Students may not check out books from the library if they have overdue books or an unpaid bill for lost or damaged books. Students who have an unsatisfied obligation at the close of school in June will not be issued their report card(s). (SAD#17 Policy JQA)


There are numerous school promotional and student achievement opportunities during the school year. If you do not want your child photographed by school personnel or local newspapers, please indicate this on your child’s emergency form.  School photos are taken annually in the fall.

School Counselor

Our school counselor is available to help children and families cope with the stress of modern living. The counselor works in classrooms and with small groups on how to make friends and get along with others.  Groups also discuss changing families, how to deal constructively with strong feelings, and how to develop positive self-esteem.

If you have a concern you would like to confidentially share, please contact the counselor.  The counselor may be able to refer you to other support agencies in our area.

Parent Requests for Teacher Assignment

We can not honor parent requests for a particular teacher. Teachers leave or change grade levels. Class lists are designed with the needs or students and special services in mind. Each spring teachers use a protocol to develop balanced classroom for the next school year.  As part of the protocol, teachers ask for parent input on their children and the kind of classroom environment where their children thrive. Using data from assessments, parent input, and general knowledge about their students, teachers create balanced classrooms designed to meet individual needs of every child.


Breakfast & Lunch Program


Breakfast/Hot Lunch/Milk Program

Throughout the school year, school breakfast and lunches for all Pre-K to Grade 6 students are offered at no cost.  School breakfasts are served in each classroom every day.   

Milk and breakfast is available for children at snack time and, for children bringing their own lunch to school. Juice or milk is included with the breakfast program and milk is provided with the school lunch program.  


Bus Expectations



“Safety First” for your child is our main consideration. Bus rules are printed below. Please take the time to go over them with your child. Video cameras may be used to monitor bus behavior.  As a proactive, relationship building activity the principal, assistant principal and/or school resource officer occasionally ride after school bus runs.

It is the law that stopped school buses not be passed on the road or on the school grounds. Do not drive into the bus loading area. This is the lane directly in front of the school.

Children must be discharged at their regular stop unless a note from the parent is presented to the bus driver. A note should also be sent to the child’s teacher if your child is not taking the bus home or taking a different bus home.

If there is some change in the way your child will be transported to and from school, you must send a note about the change and the date(s) this change will be in effect.

If you forget to send a note, please call the main office at 743-5183.  The bus garage also needs to be called to check availability of space at 743-5621. Without this notification, we will assume you want your child to follow normal transportation procedures.

Bus Expectations

The following six rules are posted on all MSAD #17 school buses. These rules are for the safety of all riders. They apply to everyone who rides in these vehicles.

  • Obey the driver at all times. Be respectful, polite, and cooperative. Cross the road as directed by the driver. Drivers may assign seats.

  • Do not distract the driver through misbehavior or loudness.

  • For you own safety, remain seated at all times. Keep your hands and feet to yourself, out of the aisle, and inside the bus. Store pens, pencils, and other sharp objects safely.

  • For your own safety, do not damage or destroy property.

  • No eating, chewing, drinking, or smoking.

  • No harassment, physical or verbal. No hitting or roughhousing. No teasing, name calling, or profanity.

Bus Discipline

Students may be denied the privilege of riding the school bus for infractions of the rules. Disciplinary actions are as follows:

First Written Warning

Parents are notified and consequences consistent with the discipline procedures of the school enforced. Parents will be sent a copy of the warning to be signed and returned to school with their child. Contact may be by telephone and/or parent conference, depending on the circumstances.

Second Written Warning

Parents are notified by phone and the privilege to ride the bus may be suspended. Student will also lose recess privileges. Parents will be sent a copy of the warning to be signed and returned to school with their child. A parent conference may be requested in cases that do not result in suspension.

Third Written Warning

Parents are notified by phone and the privilege to ride the bus is suspended for up to one week. A parent conference may be required with appropriate school personnel to resolve the problem. Parents will be sent a copy of the warning to be signed and returned to school with their child.

Extreme Violations

In any instance in which a student’s misbehavior has endangered the bus or other passengers, or in which a student has to be removed from the bus by a school employee or police officer, that student’s privilege to ride may be immediately suspended until such time as a parent or guardian and student meet with appropriate school personnel to resolve the problem.

Walking School Bus

The Walking School Program will serve Grades Pre-K to 6 students who reside within a half mile radius of Rowe Elementary School and are able to walk to and from school. There will be no school bus transportation provided. The Walking School Bus Program has trained volunteers including members of the Norway Fire and Police Departments, MSAD 17 staff members, and Rowe Elementary School teachers and administrators.  Families are to contact the office if you plan to have your child walk home on the walking school bus.


Playground Expectations


Equipment may be closed due to weather conditions. (If the temperature or temperature with the wind chill is 10 degrees or colder, we do not send students outside for recess.

Remember to play SMART on the playground:


S   Safety first

M  Mind your own business

A   Avoid Conflicts

R   Respect others

T   Time

Playground Expectations:


* No “head first” or backwards sliding

* No “tag” on the equipment

* Wait time between sliding

* No walking up the slide

* Leave the slide when finished

* No “shockers”

* Slide access only from the steps

* Wait your turn

* No toys on the slides

* No sitting on the hand to hand yellow bars

Gliders and rings

* One person on the platform

* Wait your turn

* No climbing out to get the glider

* One person on glider at a time

* You must be tall enough to reach the gliders. No lifting someone up to get them.

* No slamming glider

* No toys or bears

* Rings – use rings only to go across; no going across along the bar


* Face away from the buildings

* No pushing except by adults or with adult permission

* No students walking or running in the swing area

* Share the swings, let others have a turn

* Sit up on the swings

* No jumping off swings


* Tag and ball games in the fields, not near the playground equipment

* No one is to be excluded from games by students

* Cheering must keep feet on the ground (no lifts, etc.)

Climbing ladders

* Two at a time (one person on each set of ladders)

* Let others have a turn

* Grade 1 and 2 – no going over the top


* No ball playing before 8:30AM

* Games at the discretion of duty person at other recesses

* Basketball rules in effect – no pushing, shoving, extreme physical play

Four square rules

* The ball must hit the ground before you catch it

* The yellow line is out

* If the ball goes outside of the square, the person who didn’t catch it is out

* The ball cannot bounce more than once

* Rubber balls only, no basketballs


* Only if an adult agrees to have a football on the playground

* Passing only

* No tackling

* Two hand touch

* No bullet passes

Kick and catch rules

* No tripping

* No shoving

* No hitting others or pushing them to get to the ball



During Snow Season

During snow season, if students make snow structures, these structures should not be smashed by the builders or others. Students in grades K-4 are required to wear snow pants and snow boots if they play in the field or on the snow banks. Students in Grades 5 & 6 are minimally required to wear a hooded sweatshirt or jacket.

Items to Remember

  • Lost balls are reported to the head custodian or the office.

  • No electronics, including cell phones, are permitted on the playgrounds.

  • Students must have a pass to see the nurse from the playground.

  • Groups may not visit the nurse, only the injured student with the nurse’s pass.

  • Students must be issued a bathroom pass during recess time.


School Choice


In District Transfer

Parents may access a school in a district’s municipality other than the one of residence, based on the following conditions: 

  • Class space must be available to accommodate the student. 

  • Transportation must be provided by the parent. 

  • Yearly approval of the Superintendent must be obtained.

In District transferred students are expected to :

  • Attend school regularly.

  • Maintain good academic standing.

  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior.

In District Transfers are reviewed annually.


Pest Management Information


Pest Control

Because pesticides pose risks, the school uses an alternative approach to merely applying pesticides. Control of insects, rodents, and weeds at our school focuses on making the school buildings and grounds an unfavorable place for pests to live and breed. Through maintenance and cleaning, custodians reduce or eliminate available food and water sources and hiding places for the pests.  Administers and maintenance staff routinely monitor the school area to detect pest problems and prevent pests from becoming established. Techniques include pest monitoring, sanitation, pest exclusion, proper food storage, pest removal and, as a last resort, using pesticides. This holistic approach is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Pesticide Use

Sometimes pesticide use may be necessary to control a pest problem. When that happens, the school will use the lowest risk products available. If higher risk pesticides must be used, notices will be posted at application sites and parents, guardians and staff have a right to know.

Your Right to Know

Parents, legal guardians, and school staff will be notified of specific pesticide applications made at the school. To receive notification, you must be placed on the notification registry. To be placed on the registry, please fill out the application below and return it to school. Notification will be given at least five days before planned pesticide applications. Pesticide application notices will also be posted in school and on school grounds. Notification need not be given for pesticide applications recognized by law to pose little or no risk of exposure to children or staff. The school also keeps records of prior pesticide applications and information about the pesticides used. You may review these records, a copy of the School’s Integrated Pest Management Policy and the Pesticides in Schools regulation (CMR 01-026 Chapter 27) by contacting the IPM coordinator at 743-8972. For further information about pests, pesticides and your right to know, call the Board of Pesticides Control at 207-287-2731 or visit the Maine School IPM web site at


Notification for Specific Pesticide Application


Guy E. Rowe School,  I am a parent, legal guardian or staff member of this school and I want to be notified before specific pesticide applications are made at the school or on the school grounds except the following:


  • non-volatile liquids injected into cracks, crevices or wall voids;

  • non-volatile baits, gels, pastes and granular materials placed in areas inaccessible to students;

  • paints, stains and wood preservatives;

  • disinfectants used for routine cleaning;

  • non-powered applications of ready-to-use general use pesticides to control or repel stinging or biting insects where there is an urgent need to protect the health or safety of a student, staff member or other school occupant;

  • when school is not in session and will not be in session until the re-entry time specified on the pesticide label has elapsed

  • indoor applications of a pesticide with no re-entry interval specified on its label but entry to the treated area is restricted for at least 24 hours.


I would prefer to be contacted by (circle one):


U.S. Mail, E-mail, Telephone





Daytime Phone:_________________________

Evening Phone:_________________________



Return this form to:

IPM Coordinator, Oxford Hills School District, 232 Main St. Suite 2 South Paris, ME 04281. 


Student & Parent Handbook Acknowledgement Form



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