Homework is an extension of what is learned at school and may be asssigned for any of the following reasons:

  1. Meaningful homework requires the independent practice of a variety of skills that allows the student to demonstrate knowledge to meet learning standards.
  2. Homework is one way parents can make a meaninful contribution to helping their son or daughter achieve.  When students see that their parents believe education is imporant, their performance improves.
  3. Homework helps to develop self-discipline and organizational skills. Through homework, students learn how to manage their time, to set goals and to work toward desired outcomes. They learn to be responsible for their own achievements.  All these skills will help them continue to be suceessful throughtout life.

The amount of homework assigned should be gradually increased from grade to grade. Homework may be assigned at the descretion of the teacher. As a child advances through school, it is reasonable to expect that the amount of homework can be increased using the following guidelines:
Grades K-2: Read to or with parents(s) a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes daily.
Grades 1-2: Twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes per night for all subjects combined.
Grades 3-4: Thirty (30) to sixty (60) minutes per night for all subjects combined.
Grades 5-6: Sixty (60) to ninety (90) minutes per night for all subjects combined.
Reference School Committe Policy IKB