About Oxford Elementary

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Thank you for your interest in our school! 

We serve approximately 400 students in grades Pre-K though 6. We have high expectations for ourselves and our students. We strive to improve student achievement in a diverse learning environment so that each child can reach his/her unique potential. Students, parents, staff, and our community work collaboratively to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which all children can flourish, grow, and enhance their self-worth. Please take a minute to read and learn about our school and community. We think it's a special place and hope that you will, too!

Meet our front office team:

Miss Tiffany Karnes, Principal

Ms. Denise Bourgoine, Assistant Principal

Ms. Jill Knight, Secretary


Ms. Christine Merrill, Secretary


Just a reminder that Wednesday 2:05pm dismissals start today (Sept. 4th),

and will continue throughout the school year.




O.E.S. Independence Day Celebration

Friday, September 6th

This Friday, September 6th, the Oxford Elementary School will celebrate Independence Day.

This is the day that all students will start walking THEMSELVES to class.

This is such an exciting event and we want to celebrate it by having everyone wear RED, WHITE and BLUE to mark the occasion.

We ask that parents say their goodbyes in the courtyard, lobby or in the car in the drop off lane and kids will make their way to class from there.

We have lots of staff in the hallways to help!

After this date, if you need to go beyond the lobby, you must check in at the office and get a visitor’s pass.

If you need to meet with a teacher, please schedule an appointment.

We can’t wait to celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY!