Attendance Policy



Maine State Law requires regular attendance at school. Our school day is from 8:45 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.

If your child will be absent or late, please call the school so that we know your child is safe.  If we know that your child is home, the teacher will be able to put aside work for your child.


Here is the state/district’s attendance procedure:

ABSENT: absent for 3 or more hours of school day

ABSENT HALF-DAY:  absent from 60 minutes up to 3 hours

TARDY:  tardy by up to 60 minutes

DISMISSED:  dismissed less than 60 minutes




Not at school or in a school activity, e.g. field trip or co-curricular activity (implications: a student in in-school suspension is not absent; a student being tutored at home or hospital for any reason is absent excused.)



An excused absence falls in one of the following state categories:

Personal illness

Doctor’s appointment

Religious holiday

Family emergency

A planned absence for personal or educational purposes which has had prior approval.  Please address a letter to the principal if you are planning an experience such as a special family trip.



Excuse is not provided, or it does not meet the state criteria as defined in the list above.

Maine law states that the above situations are to be approved by the principal.  We generally allow parental notification unless absences are continual or questionable.  We ask your cooperation in helping your child to attend Otisfield Community School regularly.  Your support in this regard sends a clear message to your child that school is important. Children should stay home when they are sick, but school attendance should take priority over most other events. Please avoid making appointments that conflict with school. Since much learning is tied to experience of the class, learning missed may be difficult to make up. If you frequently make plans that conflict with school, your child may come to think that school is not very important.  Your support of school is one of the greatest factors in your child’s success.