Dress Code

Grooming and Dress

Good taste, safety, self­-respect, and consideration of others are guidelines for student grooming and dress. Please remember this is an elementary school.

We recognize the changing world of young people and fashion. However our rules are based on safety and creating a positive, distraction free environment. Hats, kerchiefs and other headwear should not be worn in the building or in class. Shorts or skirts should be mid­thigh. Spandex must be covered to mid­thigh with a skirt or shorts. Any see through materials are not acceptable. Shirts should cover the majority of the shoulders and upper body. Exposure of the midriff section of the body is unacceptable. Clothing with displays of inappropriate language or symbols is not allowed. If there is a question, the principal and assistant principal will work with parents, students and staff to resolve the issue.

Recess is an important part of our school day. Students should dress for the weather. If in the judgment of school staff a child is not dressed appropriately, he/she will be sent inside.