History in the Hills Community Unit - May 11th - June 12th

History in the Hills

What do we want our descendants to know about our community during the Spring of 2020?

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Community Unit for May 11th - June 12th



May, 2020


Dear Oxford Hills Students and Families,


Below you’ll find the materials for our Community-Wide Unit for Spring, 2020. Five themed choice boards have been designed by grade-spans to offer a range of learning opportunities and activities, which correspond to the remaining five weeks of remote learning. Your families can choose the activities in which you invest time and energy. 


  • Want to do several activities in one week for shorter amounts of time? Great, go for it! 

  • See something that may become a bigger project that you’d like to spend multiple days on? That’s ok, too!

  • Think you have a way to modify the prompt or extend it further? Why not? See what happens!

  • Want to share your thinking in writing? That’s cool…

  • Want to share your thinking in other modes (art, music, digital media)? Follow your heart! Embrace the opportunity to be creative in expressing your ideas!


As you are working, you’ll consider what artifacts you are creating together that might become part of our larger community-wide historical archive. (We’ve marked the choice board activities that we think lend themselves to this goal with a star. ) Submissions will be compiled in a digital showcase reflecting the essential question: What do we want our descendants to know about life in our community in Spring, 2020? Included in these materials is a self-reflection tool for use in determining what products or artifacts might make a strong submission piece. Be creative. Artifacts can be made from a wide array of materials and be submitted in various forms (diaries, letters, articles, photographs, videos, drawings, songs/music, how-to books, models, recipes, etc.).


You can expect to hear more from your teachers/principals about how to submit your artifacts for inclusion in the archive. Your teachers will also be checking with you over the next few weeks and may be asking you what you’ve been selecting from the choice boards to work on.


It is our hope that engaging with these teacher-designed activities and prompts will bring your families together to share the learning experience and that sharing our created artifacts will bring together the perspectives of the many people who comprise our community during this unprecedented time of living history. We can’t wait to see what you make and share!




The Teachers of MSAD#17




Week 1 Choice Boards

(You may request week 2-5 boards from your teacher)


Pre-K - 1st



Grades 2nd and 3rd


Grades 4th - 6th