Academics at OHCHS

Students Interacting

It is important for you to develop a sound, four-year plan of studies for the years spent in high school. All students are required to complete an OHCHS Individual Learning Plan (ILP). You will develop this plan with your common block teacher and school counselor during your freshman year and you will update it each year. The purpose of the plan is to ensure that you are considering your future plans while making decisions about your course work.
You will work with your school counselor, teachers, parents, and common block teacher as the time for course selection draws near to review your ILP based on your post-secondary plans, current required credits, and previous credits earned. High school students should be continually reflecting to make sure they are on track both for graduation requirements and for long-range goals. Your career and post-secondary plans may change continually throughout a your high school years and the goal is to keep as many options open as possible and not to be forced into any specific choice or career decision. An important rule of thumb: the more challenging your high school program, the more post-secondary opportunities available to you.

Course Offering Disclaimer
Administration and staff want to maintain quality educational programs and offer well-balanced curriculum designed not only to meet educational needs but also students' interests. However, specific courses offerings may change without warning at any time due to fiscal constraints, faculty changes, or curriculum revision. The purpose of this statement is to advise you that we reserve the right to make changes when deemed necessary. You need to be very careful and accurate in selecting courses and possible alternatives, as it may become necessary to select substitute courses.