Grading System

Students must earn a minimum of twenty-four credits (24 Carnegie Units) and 48 quality points to graduate from OHCHS. In the fall of 2009, OHCHS put a new standards-referenced grading system into practice which was fully implemented beginning with the class of 2013.  Letter grades will still be reported according to the below grading scale.

Grading System at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School

Students will earn credits by meeting two requirements.  First, students must earn a passing grade of 78 (C-) or better in each course.  Next, they will be responsible for demonstrating their competence in specific knowledge and skills within each course.  Each course will have four or five content learning standards which all students must pass with at least a 78 (C-).  The OHCHS report card and parent portal will provide specific details on student grades for each learning standard as well as for the overall progress in each course.  Students and parents may learn more about grading policies and practices in the Oxford Hills Family Grading Guide.