Dress Code

The staff at Waterford Memorial School recognizes the changing world of young people and fashion. We devise our rules of grooming and dress with safety and a distraction free learning environment in mind.
Clothing must be worn in a safe manner that does not cause any distraction from a positive learning environment.  Some examples of clothing distractions or safety concerns are long skirts, pants that drag the ground, shorts too short, pants too low, clothing excessively tight or too baggy. Shorts and/or mini skirts will be allowed if they are of mid-thigh length or longer. Spandex must be covered to mid-thigh with shirt, dress, skirt or shorts. Shirts should cover the majority of the shoulders and upper body.  Clothing that displays inappropriate language and/or symbols is not allowed this includes displays of alcohol, drugs, and sexually suggestive slogans. No hats are to be worn in the building or any class.
Shoes or sandals must be worn in the building. Slippery soles, flip flops, high heels, and platform shoes are not considered safe. Also because of safety concerns, steel toe boots are not allowed. We ask that children wear sneakers or shoes that protect their toes outside at recess.
Children are active and their clothing and footwear should not interfere with safety.
In cold and wet weather, students should dress for safety and comfort with jackets, hats, boots and gloves/mittens.  Outdoor play is planned for most days, except in very unusual circumstances. 
If there are questions, principal and staff will work with parents and students.