Health Office


Our school nurse is Victoria Van Loan.   Ms. Van Loan visits our school once a week. 


A balanced diet, regular exercise, and plenty of rest are important for your child’s health and growth.  We ask that you send nutritious snacks and lunches for your child so that he/she will feel ready to learn.

If your child is ill before school in the morning, he/she should not be sent to school.  If your child becomes sick while at school, we will attempt to contact the parent/guardian or whomever the parent designates.  It is important that the emergency cards are up-to-date.  

School personnel are not permitted to dispense medicine of any kind to children without written directions by the child’s doctor.  If the child has a prescription, parents must send the original containers with the dose and times noted.  We do not give ANY medications to a child at school without the doctor’s written order or prescription and written permission of the parent.  Please cooperate with us in this to insure safe and proper dispensing of medications.

If you are hearing negative reports from your child or sense a reluctance to attend school, please contact us.  We can work together to make school a comfortable place for your child

When a child is seen in the clinic, he or she may bring home a note letting you know what care he or she has received in the Waterford School clinic.

Allergy Free-Zone

We have become increasingly concerned about the safety of students with allergies in the Waterford School.  After discussions with the parents and the School Nurse, we have decided to establish an Allergy Free Zone during lunch in the cafeteria, as well as a similar area in their classrooms.  (as needed).

Sick Children

If your child is ill with a fever, (temperature 100 or above) they must be kept home for 24 hours after the fever has ended on its own without medication.  This will help control the spread of diseases within the classroom.


Any accident or injury at school should be reported to a teacher or another adult.  In the clinic we have soap and water, ice, as well as band aids.  The student may also just rest.  Please be sure that the school has current emergency information and phone numbers.


Emergency sheets are sent out each fall for an update of information.  This is very important, so please complete, sign and return it promptly.  List home and work numbers for both parents if possible.  Also, list other responsible adults we may call if parents cannot be reached. The emergency information sheets maybe updated at anytime throughout the year.  Remember, it is important for the school to be able to contact you in an emergency.