Visitors On Campus

There is a security system on the front door. When you visit the school, please follow the directions on the door. Please be aware that the doors to the school will now be locked at all times. When you sign in at the office, we will give you a visitor badge to wear during your visit.


As you leave, please sign out and discard your badge.



We welcome visitors at any time.  However, for the safety of our children, it is important that we know who is in the building at all times. Please be aware there is a security system on all our doors allowing us to have a safe and secure learning environment.  After you are buzzed into our building, report to the Secretary and sign in to receive your visitor's badge.  
We welcome any parent or community member who would like to volunteer.  There are many ways in which you can help learning--by assisting in special projects, listening to children read, tutoring in math, sharing hobbies and interests, or preparing materials for the classroom.  Some tasks can even be done at home.
If you volunteer during school hours, contact the office to set an appointment and get needed paperwork.  
We do appreciate our volunteers.  Our children’s learning is enriched because of you.  (all volunteers are subject to the MSAD17’s volunteer guidelines).  Please see the principal or school secretary for details.