OHCHS Student Laptops

OHCHS has decided to go with Chromebooks for our devices for Teacher and Students this year!


Why Chromebooks?


Chromebooks are easy to use, have virus protection built-in, have a long battery life, and are ready for all of your work and school needs. They give you the best of Google with Google mail, docs, sheets, drive, and classroom.


Currently our school district uses the Google Apps suite for all of our students and teachers. These devices fit in perfectly as students and teachers will use their district email account to login to their Chromebook and they will instantly have access to everything they need for the school day. For students we went with a CTL J5X Chromebook.


“Powerful, Cost-Effective, and Backed by Enterprise Level Support and Service

Teachers and Students

Hassle Free

The J5X is hassle-free right out of the box—teachers and students can get up and running quickly. They get their own personalized apps, settings, and bookmarks when they log-in.

Built-in Applications

The Google Apps* suite gives students the tools to create and collaborate virtually on presentations, reports, and spreadsheets. Students can access and share their work anywhere via Google Drive* and it’s always backed up. Teachers can easily monitor student progress and streamline communications.

Fast, Smooth Performance

The CTL Education Chromebook delivers fast, smooth performance—which means more time for teaching and learning. Students can load content-rich webpages quickly, watch videos with brilliant playback, run graphic- intensive scientific simulations, and multitask effortlessly. All-Day Battery Life for All-Day Learning With up to 10 hours of battery life, which allows teachers and students can work where they need to without a power cord. The anti-glare screen produces less reflection under florescent lights and near classroom windows, reducing student eyestrain.”

-- Except from The CTL Website