Technology in MSAD17 for School Year 2020-21

In response to the pandemic, MSAD#17 is expanding our 1-to-1 student laptop program to students in all grade levels.  At many schools we are also replacing a older laptops.  
However, we are not the only school district expanding our fleet to meet the challenges of remote learning, and a significant nationwide demand for devices has led to an equally significant supply problem for new devices.
Below is a summary of the devices that will be deployed by grade level:
High School:
* For the past three years, high school students have used a model of Chromebook that didn't stand up to the rigors of school use as well as hoped.  For 2020-21 we had planned to replace these even before the pandemic hit, and we ordered a more durable set of replacment devices ahead of many other school districts.  However at the time of wriiting these devices have not yet shipped, and we are forced to begin the school year using our old chromebooks.  It is expected that new devices will arrive by the first week of October.
Middle School:
* Middle school students will continue to use MLTI supplied MacBook Airs.  Typcially these devices would be replaced every 4 years, but the MLTI program extended into a 5th year this time.  So our middle school devices are aging, however we still have an appropriate quanity of devices in good condition so this 1-to-1 program will be very similar to the previous year.
Elementary Schools:
* In prior years, elementary schools have NOT been avilable on a 1 device per student basis, and these schools have had a mixed fleet of againg, handed down devices.  Covid funding has allowed us to order new enoug hbrand new devices at the elementary level to support a 1-to-1 laptops program for all grade levels.  However supply problems have delaye dthe arrival of this order, and the we don't antipate their arirval until December 2020. 
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