Our community is very supportive of technology for staff and students. Although there are many aspects of district technology to be pleased about, I think these three are at the top of my list:

  • An excellent wireless network at our elementary schools (11/2015) after a decade of a make-shift system
  • MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) laptops at the high school and middle school
  • The energy and enthusiasm all staff show in learning new technology despite a thousand other things to do and learn

In the spring of 2016 we developed a vision statement for what technology use should look like in our high school and middle school. Here it is:

Technology plays a critical role in the mission and vision of the Oxford Hills School District. Students use technology to deepen and broaden their education both in the classroom and online. Staff expect this from students and have the knowledge and skills to support them with instructional best practices. The District provides technology infrastructure and integration support. Technology is used to help students value learning, achieve their potential and become responsible digital citizens.

I think this is just as applicable to the elementary level. This will be a significant focus for me in the coming years.

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