Key District Contacts

name position location email telephone
Richard Colpitts Superintendent Central Office 743-8972
Patrick Hartnett Assistant Superintendent Central Office 743-8972
Heather Manchester Curriculum Director Central Office 743-8972
Melanie Ellsworth Federal Funds Grant Admin. Central Office 743-8972
Jane Morse Director of Special Services Central Office 743-8972
Kate Sterling IEP Coordinator Central Office 743-8972
Catherine Fanjoy Coffey Business Manager Central Office 743-8972
Nelson Baillargeon Facilities Director Central Office 743-8972
Michael Dunn Technology Director Central Office 743-8972
Shawn Lambert Director Oxford Hills Technical School 743-7756
Tina Christophersen Adult Ed. Director OHCHS 743-8914 x9524
Nancy McLean-Morrissette Guidance Director OHCHS 743-8914 x9535
Hilary Hendricks OHCEE OHCHS 743-8914 x5209
Jodi Truman Food Service Director OHCHS 743-8914 x9517
Ted Moccia Principal OHCHS 743-8914 x9515
Troy Eastman Principal Oxford Hills Middle School 743-5946
Margaret Emery Principal Harrison Elementary 583-2357
Margaret Emery Principal Waterford Memorial 583-4418
Beth Clarke Principal Hebron Station School 966-3323
Beth Clarke Principal Agnes Gray Elementary 674-2332
Mary Lou Peterson Principal Paris Elementary 744-0318
Tiffany Karnes Principal Oxford Elementary 539-4456
Tiffany Karnes Principal Otisfield Community 627-4208
Dan Hart Principal Rowe Elementary 743-5183



Central Office Personnel


name position email telephone
Diane Gerry Receptionist
Barbara Holden Payroll Specialist
Lorraine Kennagh Benefits Coordinator/ Administrative Assistant for Personnel
Debra Hertell Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Marjorie Scribner Administrative Assistant to Curriculum/NCLB Secretary
Vickie Britton Administrative Assistant for Special Education
Tobie Gordon Special Education Secretary
Margaret Craig Accountant
Donna Robinson Accounts Payable
Errol Libby K-8 Mathematics Coach/Interventionist
Karen Lacey Martin Certified Psychological Services Provider
Melissa deSilva Certified Psychological Services Provider
Jessie Yancey School Psychological Services Provider
Richard McIntosh Technology Support Specialist
Sam Iggulden Database Administrator 743-8972