Community Reminder March 19, 2021

Community Reminder
March 19, 2021
Dear Parents and Oxford Hills Communities, 
I want to thank you for the continued support of your schools. We continue to work hard to provide the best possible education in the midst of this unprecedented Pandemic.  I am writing to provide an update on our current situation and to remind you of the role you play. 
We hope our teachers and staff will be able to access vaccines by the end of April. Their vaccination will help the District to offer more stable in person learning opportunities going forward. We will still have to abide by state CDC guidelines but our staff will not be required to quarantine if fully vaccinated. 
Current available vaccinations have not been approved for students under the age of 16. This means that our students will continue to carry and transmit COVID 19 to each other and to unvaccinated adults. Students who are symptomatic or test positive directly impact our ability to offer in-person instruction. Students exposed to a positive case or considered to be a close contact of a positive case will continue to be quarantined. Quarantines are disruptive to the educational process but necessary to prevent an outbreak. 
Parents have an important role. You are expected to pre-screen your children daily before sending your children school. Students who have any symptoms or know of a recent exposure need to stay home for the sake of all students. Just one student coming to school with any COVID symptoms can and will potentially disrupt learning for tens to hundreds of others.  
I implore parents to take the screening seriously.  Keep your child home if he/she exhibits any one of the symptoms. Call your school nurse or physician with any questions.