Coronavirus & School Re-opening Information

This webpage will serve as a repository for any Coronavirus related communications from the district to the community.


For those unable to access the documents listed above - the letter from August 13 is reproduced below:



August 13, 2020


Dear Parents, Students and Staff,


We want to thank you for taking time to review the school opening options and to register your child(ren) for school in the fall.  Nearly 3,000 students have either registered for “in-person” or “remote learning” in the fall.  We think it is important to provide a summary of the responses so far:


  • 18% of students have enrolled in remote learning 

  • 82% registered for in-person learning

  • 50% of parents made a commitment to transport their children in order to provide distancing on buses for students who rely on bus transportation   (Thank you!)

  • 92% of families have adequate internet services to support remote leaning

  • 50% of those who don’t, are interested in using a state provided cellular hotspot  

  • 10% of students have not registered (400) and for the purposes of planning have been assigned to in-person learning.  We encourage those who haven’t already completed the survey to do so now.  A link to the survey may be found here.


We learned through your feedback that we will need to make some adjustments to some of our opening plans in order to comply with the six conditions imposed on the district by the Department of Education for in-person instruction in the fall.  We have enough space in our elementary and middle schools to meet the required  distancing for those attending in-person. Unfortunately, that is not the case at the high school. 


There is no way to provide the necessary 3-6-foot distancing required by the state to reopen the high school to all students signed up for in-person instruction.  Therefore, the only way to provide some in-person learning is to adopt a hybrid model at the high school.  The hybrid model planned has students assigned to attend in-person 2 to 3 days each week and to attend classes remotely on the other days.  Parents of high school students will receive a separate letter from the high school principal outlining the hybrid schedule and expectations for students.  


Lastly, we will be recommending the Board of Directors approve a change in the school calendar for all schools.  We are now projecting that schools will open on September 8, with our PreK students starting on September 14th.  This anticipates that the supplies ordered in June are received, distributed and installed before students return and provides increased time for teachers to prepare.  Details about each school’s opening will be provided by your building principals.  The first week of school may involve staggered starts for certain grade levels, in addition to our typical procedures, in order to provide training for our students on our new school expectations.  


As you can imagine, preparing for the reopening of school has been our constant focus this summer.  Our plan was built around parent preferences, state requirements and Maine Center for Disease Control.  Please know that we continue to review the situation and will make adjustments based on the requirements of the Department of Education and Maine CDC and the best interest of students.  For the most current information about our plans, please visit our district website at


We are looking forward to the start of the school year and ask for your patience as we move forward intentionally and safely. 




Rick Colpitts, Superintendent