Cultural Exchange Programs for OHCHS Students

For Oxford Hills Students seeking to participate in an international student exchange....

There are a number of International Student Exchange Programs that are operated by third party organizations and companies.  The Oxford Hills School District does not endorse any one cultural exchange organization but encourages parents and students to look for programs that meet the student's needs in the desired cultural experience.  


The Oxford Hills School District does not contribute financially to the cost of resident students participating in a cultural experience.  Parents are expected to pay all costs associated with these experiences.  


A year long comittment to participate in a cultural exchange is one that requires a student to be an indendent and responsible learner and open to new experiences and cultures.  


Here are some programs for US students to check out if interested in participating in a foreign exchange program: 


AFS-USA: AFS Intercultural Programs USA


High School Study Abroad | Exchange Programs



ASSE-International Student Exchange Programs


High School Exchange USA, High School Study Abroad Programs


Host Foreign Exchange Student | High School Exchange Programs