Drive-Through Technology Deployment Day Wednesday 9/2

Drive-Through Technology Deployment Day Wednesday 9/2


The MSAD17 technology team will be doing a remote learning device deployment drive-through day in the high school bus loop on Wednesday September 2nd, from 11am to 7pm


This deployment is only for student families in need of an internet hotspot

OR for remote learning students in need of a laptop.


This one location will be available to families from all 10 schools, however some elementary schools may also offer additional local pickup days at their discretion and with their own staff.


Identified families have been contacted via School Messenger.  If you did not get a robocall from the district and believe you need a hotspot (or have a remote learner in need of a laptop), you can still participate in the drive-through deployment day.  However laptop quantities are limited until newly ordered devices arrive, so please only claim a laptop if you do not have an adequate home computer.


NOTE: New laptops have been ordered, but there is a global supply shortage and a projected 8-12 week delay on shipping.


HotSpot Deployment


During the drive-through deployment day, any remote learners who indicated a need for a district supplied internet HotSpot will have the opportunity to pick up their HotSpot from the comfort of their own car.  


* Families will only need one HotSpot per household, and this will be "assigned" to the oldest student in each household.


* Families of in-person learners who need a hotspot may pick up their hotspot on this day, OR they can wait and pick-up their hotspot from school (we will try to get these deployed to homeroom teachers during the first week of school)


* If a remote learner family cannot pick up a hotspot on this day, they will be available for pickup at some elementary locations, or from Central Office.  To arrange for a future pickup please contact Bonnie Cameron (, or call 207-743-8972, extension 8261).


Remote Learner Laptop Computer Deployment


Where possible, we will also have district supplied laptop computers available for remote learners to pick up during our drive-by deployment day.  


However this will be limited because we haven't taken delivery of any of our new chromebooks (at either the high school, nor for our elementary schools).


* In person learners will have an in-school laptop deployment after school has started, and these people should NOT come to the drive-by deployment day unless they need a hotspot (and even then, they may pick up their hotspot at a later date).


Elementary Schools

* Prior to new devices coming in, the district will only be able to provide a computing device to those elementary remote learners who do not have an adequate personal device at their home.  


* We think only about 30 of the 300+ elementary remote learners students will need one of these, but even that small quantity will have an impact on the number of devices available for use by in-schools learners.  So please only claim a device if needed!


* The tech team will aim to have 30 of these available during our deployment day at the high school, then we'll get those back to schools for any subsequent local deployment days those schools may offer.


* When new elementary chromebooks arrive (October at the earliest), all elementary remote learners will be assigned one of those (regardless of having an adequate home device), and we'll arrange a 2nd deployment opportunity at that time.


* If a remote learner (who needs a laptop) cannot pick up their laptop on this day, any extras will be made available for pickup at the elementary school within your town of residence.


Middle School

* All middle school remote learners should all pick up their 1:1 macbooks on this day.  This is the one school where we are not waiting upon delivery of new devices.


* If a middle school remote learner didn't return their device from the prior year, they must bring that device with them so it can be checked for functionality. 


High School

* High School remote learners in grades 10-12 should already have chromebooks assigned from last year, and they should begin the year using that.  Once the new high school chromebooks arrive, we'll arrange an opportunity to swap old for new.  If their current chromebook is not functioning, we'll have a limited number of functional old chromebooks available to swap.


* High School remote learners in 9th grade will also have access to a limited number of old high school chromebooks.  These devices are frail and limited in quantity, and should only be claimed by families that don't have an adequate personal computer at home.


* Any 9th grade remote learner who didn't return their 8th grade macbook, should bring that with them.  We will not provide a new device to these students until their 8th grade laptop is returned.  We will also withhold hotspots in these few situations to encourage the return of the macbooks (which are needed for incoming 7th grade students).


* Laptop pickups on this day will only be available to 100% remote learners, as in-person learners can pick their devices up once they are at school.


HotSpot Details

* Our hotspots are actually cellular-capable Samsung A tablets.  They are pre-paid for 6 months and will provide internet via cell signal (Verizon, plus some US Cellular).  Because they are tablets, families can also use them as such and download apps etc. (Including Zoom), but they are not considered an adequate device for education activities that require typing.  


* At the end of 6 months we can deploy another (if we have any left), or arrange for continued payment if needed, but they are intended to be free for those student families who need them.  


* Families who have fixed line internet at home already are discouraged from claiming a hotspot due to the less reliable nature of the internet service, and because of quantity limitations.


* We are not able to filter these devices, so families will need to monitor inappropriate use.