English as a second language

Oxford Hills School District generally has between 15 and 20 English Language Learners (ELLs). Students currently enrolled in the ESL program have at least 7 first languages and widely varying levels of English proficiency. They are in grades preK-12, in 6 different school buildings around the district. 
Who is an ELL? A home language survey is administered to every enrolling student. It is used to identify those who may not be proficient in the kind of English required to succeed in school. This is called Academic English. We are required to screen any students:
— who use a language other than English in daily non-school surroundings;
— whose families use a primary language other than English in the home;
— whose first language was not English. 
The screening is combined with other indicators to determine whether the student will receive ESL services. 

ESL Teacher/Coordinator:

Andrea AskenDunn


(207) 743-8914 ext 6604