Hot Air BalloonStrategic Plan,  Capital Improvements

In following our strategic plan we have done the following improvements in the past year:

  • The oil fired boiler at the Transportation Garage has been replaced with a propane condensing boiler.

  • The oil fired burners on both boilers at Waterford Memorial School were replaced with propane fired burners as well as the oil fired domestic hot water heater will be replaced with a propane fired water heater.

  • The oil fired burner at the Streaked Mountain School was replaced with a propane burner.

  • These changes accomplish 2 goals:

    • Creates energy savings.

    • Does away with the need of #2 fuel oil at the Waterford Memorial Elementary School,¬†Streaked Mountain School as well as at the Transportation Garage.

The summer of 2016 is seen Major projects being accomplished from funding from a bond.

  • Sections of Guy E. Rowe School roofs are being replaced.
  • Roofing is being replaced.
  • Roofs at Oxford Annex and Rowe Annex have gone through a restoration process.
  • Roofs at Harrison, Waterford and Legion buildings will be going though a restoration process.

Capital Renewal Plan (March 2017)