How is your journey to better health coming along? Looking for more information on your Health Benefits?
If you aren’t sure the answer to that question, then fill out the health assessment. Once you do that, you'll see personalized content on your portal and the AlwaysOn® mobile app based on the information you provided. This will give you a plan to help you make the most of your wellness journey!
New user? Go to, click the blue Log In button (located at the top right) and select Get Started. Or download the AlwaysOn® wellness mobile app and click New User Registration.
Returning user? Log in at (the Log In button is located at the top right) or the AlwaysOn® mobile app with your existing username and password.
Once the HA is completed, you’ll receive a wellness report, and resources will be displayed that are specific to you. Plus you’ll earn 25 points!
Redeem your points in $50 increments, up to $250 in prepaid debit cards by June 30, 2019.
Call 1-877-806-9379 if you have any questions.
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Employees, retirees, and spouses/domestic partners who are covered under the MEABT health insurance plan are eligible to participate in the HA, earn points, and redeem for prepaid cards.