Parent Letter Regarding Change of Placement

To: Parents and Students
From: Superintendent Rick Colpitts
Date: November 3, 2020
RE: Placement of Students
Dear Parents,

The end of the first quarter and trimester is fast approaching.  We recognize that the learning experiences your child may have engaged in since the pandemic began are very different from what existed in prior years but hope that the experience you chose for your child is working well.  
The district will assume the learning experience your child is currently having is what you choose for your child going forward unless we hear otherwise. 
If parents want to change their child from his/her current learning experience to a different learning option there is a process below that outlines how changes will be made, and a deadline.
The district’s overall position on distanced learning is that whenever in-person learning is permissive and possible, it is the preferred method of learning.
The following additional guidelines will be used when making decisions about placement:
Class sizes will be kept within our ‘normal’ range and meet required distancing.  A change of location may be needed to create enough classroom space.  New registrants may be required to attend a neighboring school that has more capacity.  As a last resort, some classes may need to move to an AM/PM schedule.
Students  whose parents selected the remote learning option are required to meet expectations outlined below.  The principal will change a remote learning student to in-person learning if the student (and families) have not met these expectations when participating in remote learning: 

  1. attend daily classes online 
  2. complete and submit assignments
  3. participate in all individual conference sessions 
  4. meet academic growth expectations 
  5. have reliable internet access (packets will not be provided)

We are hopeful that the learning environment that you have chosen is working well for your child to be successful.   However, if you feel a change is needed, this is the process for requesting a change in placement:

  • Complete a Change Request form at this link or contact your school secretary to have a form sent to you.  


  • Complete the form by Saturday, November 14th


  • Principals will make the placement decision after reviewing the parent request form and speaking with the parents.   This is consistent with current Board policy JGAB-Assignment of Students to Classes.