Payroll 1/18/19

As you know, we have now transitioned to a new accounting/payroll system.   There have been countless hours by the payroll department spent on insuring that this first  payroll would be accurate.  Today's paycheck was processed using the new software.


We have become aware that the differences in Maine State Income Tax, was not due to a change in the tax rates, but due to a glitch in the software.  The responsibility for assuring that the withholding amounts were accurate falls on the software company.  The error resulted in over withholding Maine State Income Tax for many employees. Our software company is working to resolve this issue.   The plan is to return the amount over withheld with your next paycheck on February 1st.


We sincerely apologize for this glitch, but it is not uncommon for there to be such issues in a major software transition such as this.


Please also be aware that if you have your direct deposit goes to two or more banks, the additional deposits appear as deductions on your pay slip. Be assured that if you add up the deposits in each of your accounts the net pay will be correct. 


If you have any other issues with your paycheck that we have not addressed, please let us know by calling or emailing the business office.