Work permits

Work Permits

Who needs one?

Minors under 14 years old may not work in most businesses by Federal Law. Minors ages 14 and 15 need work permits in order to work. Superintendent of schools certify academic standing. Minor allowed only 1 permit during the school year but 2 during summer vacation. Agricultural labor does not have a minimum age or work permit requirement.

How do I get one?

You can download a work permit from the State of Maine website. You download it, open it in a PDF viewer and fill it out on the computer and print it or you can print the blank form and fill it out by hand. In any case a parent/guardian signature is required.

The form filled out and my guardian has signed it. What do I do next?

Give the form to Diane Gerry at the District Superintendent's office (adjacent to the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School). You must include the job offer and birth certificate.

What happens after I submit my work permit to the school district?

The Superintendent will confirm your attendance and academic performance and will sign the permit. The permit is then sent to Maine's Bureau of Labor for final approval.

Can I work while waiting for my permit approval?



For more information, see the State's Guide to Maine Laws Governing the Employment of Minors or call the Superintendent's office at 743-8972.