Oxford Hills School District

District Highlights


Welcome to the Department of Transportation   Oxford Hills School District Transportation Department 36 Brown Street Norway, Maine 04268 Telephone (207) 743-5621 Fax (207) 743-5340 Office Hours 5:30am - 5:00pm     Directions to the Bus Garage: We are located just off of Route 26 in... read more

A History of the Oxford Hills School District

The Oxford Hills School District was formed in 1961, at the urging of the state, at a time when consolidation began to be seen as a way to strengthen and modernize education in rural Maine. At first, the combination was limited to high school students, with eight minutes between classes so that... read more


What SchoolMessenger is the service we use to reach staff and parents with communications regarding attendance, education, events, cancelations and emergencies. The system is able to automatically call parents for a variety of reasons that impact the safety and academic performance of students.... read more