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SchoolMessenger is the service we use to reach staff and parents with communications regarding attendance, education, events, cancellations and emergencies.

The system is able to automatically call parents for a variety of reasons that impact the safety and academic performance of students. SchoolMessenger will be used to complement the district’s community outreach efforts and emergency preparedness procedures, as well as to inform parents of upcoming school events, such as statewide testing and parent meetings. 

Use InfoCenter to view and manage your contact information and permissions

Please verify your contact phone number(s) and email address(es) by logging in to SchoolMessenger Info Center. Check your contact information in Infinite Campus by logging in and clicking the “Family” link at the top of the navigation pane.

We need your permission to contact you for non-emergency messages. Simply giving us your cell phone number does not grant us the right to call it or send text messages. You must explicitly grant us permission. Log in to SchoolMessenger Info Center and check your contact preferences. See this video about Info Center or view it just below.

To get text messages from us, you must send a text message to 67587 (just 5 digits!) with any of the following: subscribe, optin(opt-in), yes, y

Other communications still work!

Principals and teachers will still be accessible for in-person visits and we will still send home paper-based information. The notification system is intended to reinforce the district’s commitment to remain connected to parents. SchoolMessenger notification services are provided by the West Corporation of Omaha, Nebraska, serving thousands of schools, districts, colleges and universities with timely alerts since 1999.