Special Services

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The MSAD#17 Office of Special Services is located at
232 Main Street, 
South Paris, ME 04281   

The Special Services office can be reached by calling



Parents and/or students who suspect they have a disability that may require special education and/or related services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and/or may require reasonable accommodations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, should contact their school’s administrator regarding the special education referral process.

Child Find for Students with Disabilities

MSAD#17 has the legal responsibility to locate, evaluate, and identify all children of school age (5-22 years), residing within the communities of Harrison, Hebron, Norway, Otisfield, Oxford, Paris, South Paris, and Waterford who may be in need of special education services due to a disability.  This includes students who are attending public or private schools, or those who are home schooled.  Children may be eligible for special education under the following disability categories:


·      Autism

·      Deaf-blindness

·      Developmental Delay

·      Emotional Disturbance

·      Hearing Impairment

·      Intellectual Disability

·      Multiple Disabilities

·      Orthopedic Impairment

·      Other Health Impairment

·      Speech/Language Impairment

·      Specific Learning Disability

·      Traumatic Brain Injury

·      Visual Impairment




If you have a child, or know of a child, residing within MSAD#17 who may have a disability and may need special education services, or if you would like additional information,

please contact MSAD#17’s Director of Special Services at 207-743-8972.

Please note that children from birth to age 5 have the same rights through the Child Development Services (CDS) System

If you have a child, or know of a child, who is from birth to age 5 and who resides within MSAD#17 who may have a disability, please contact CDS at 207-743-9701